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BYD Introduces the Futuristic BYD DOLPHIN to the Nepalese Market

Kathmandu, Nepal On September 11, 2023, Cimex Inc., the authorized distributor of BYD Auto
Industry Co. Ltd., in Nepal, unveiled the latest addition to its lineup — the BYD DOLPHIN is
set at the introductory price of 39.8 lakhs which is inclusive of 7kw home charger. BYD
Dolphin is a Pure Electric vehicle and the first offering from BYD's Ocean series in Nepal. BYD
Dolphin is equipped with a 44.9 kWh Blade Battery which provides a range of 340 km (WLTP).
The launch of BYD Dolphin marks a pivotal moment for BYD's new energy passenger vehicle
business in Nepal.

BYD Dolphin is built on the state-of-the-art BYD e-Platform 3.0 designed particularly for pure
electric vehicles. It is based on a Cell-to-Pack (CTP) technology, which nests batteries within the
vehicle body, creating a sandwich-like structure that incorporates the Blade Battery and the tray.
The benefit of this advanced CTP technology is that the vehicle’s body is lower for better
aerodynamics while increasing body rigidity for enhanced safety, with a design that offers more
cabin space due to reduced battery pack volume. This platform capitalizes on intelligence,
efficiency, safety, and aesthetics, enhancing safety and low-temperature driving range while
offering an improved intelligent driving experience.

With its 2,700 mm wheelbase, BYD DOLPHIN provides a comfortable and spacious cabin and
is equipped with a highly integrated 8-in-1 electric drive system, which greatly improves the
safety and the performance of the car. BYD Dolphin comes fully equipped with a comprehensive
the array of safety and advanced driver assistance features, underlining BYD's dedication to
passenger safety and convenience.

The model incorporates advanced safety technologies such as 6 Airbags, Traction control system
Predictive Collision Warning, Auto hold, Adaptive cruise control, Automatic emergency braking
system, Lane departure warning, Lane-keeping support, Rear collision warning, Blind Spot
Detection, Rear cross traffic Alert, and 360 monitor view. These technologies collectively
enhance driver awareness, responsiveness, and overall safety.

Ocean Aesthetics Design Language

BYD Dolphin embraces the captivating Ocean Aesthetics design language. Crafted under the
visionary guidance of Wolfgang Egger, BYD's Design Director, the BYD DOLPHIN draws
inspiration from marine elements, boasting a dynamic and exuberant overall style. The interior of
the BYD Dolphin is a testament to its eco-friendly approach. Sustainable vegan leather adorns
the integrated sports seats, offering both long-distance comfort and strong lateral support with
ocean-inspired aesthetics.

It also features a futuristic suspended center console design that adds a modern and dynamic
touch to the driving environment. The metal trim detail spanning the entire dashboard creates an
elegant, minimalist curved surface. The interior is further elevated by a 12.8" intelligent rotating
touchscreen offering Bluetooth connectivity, the overall premium experience of every ride.

Leading in Electric Powertrain Innovation

BYD takes immense pride in its role as a trailblazer in electric vehicle manufacturing, leading
the Global electric vehicle market. The BYD DOLPHIN, a pure electric model built on the e-
platform 3.0, leverages an innovative 8-in-1 electric powertrain, heightening both safety and
cruising range. With its ultra-safe Blade Battery technology, the BYD DOLPHIN achieves an
impressive WLTP range of 340 km, providing drivers with a reliable and secure driving
experience. Furthermore, the Blade Battery gives 80% charge in 30 minutes using a DC charger.

BYD Blade Battery is a groundbreaking innovation in the world of Electric Vehicles (EVs),
prioritizing safety with its exceptional design. It is the only EV Battery to conquer Mt. Everest.
of Nail penetration test, setting new industry standards. Beyond safety, it offers unmatched
durability, making it a fortress for your EV even in challenging conditions. It can withstand
extreme conditions like crushing, overheating, and overcharging without catching fire or
exploding. With a high starting temperature for exothermic reactions and minimal heat
generation, it significantly reduces the risk of fires. This innovative technology prioritizes safety
over just increasing energy density, refocusing the EV industry's attention on crucial safety

Ms. Yamuna Shrestha, Managing Director of the event expressed her gratitude to all the
stakeholders, reaffirmed the adherence to the core value of Cimex to ensure the utmost satisfaction
to the customers and adaptation of electric mobility in Nepal.

Cimex Inc Chief Executive Officer, Sahil Shrestha added “We aren’t only selling BYD e-vehicle
as an automobile but as a solution, a lifestyle that caters to the nation's need of domestic energy
consumption and sustainable development. We are very much focused on building an ecosystem for
our customers to build an effective system to enhance the customer experience in every frontier”

Speaking at the event, BYD representative from the quarter responsible for Nepal market Mr
Adam Hu highlighted BYD Dolphin's versatility and reliability. He added “This is very special
moment for Nepal, BYD Atto 3 has already stamped a footprint in Nepalese citizens, Dolphin to
cater to the new segment. In future, we are determined to add more diversified vehicles in our line up
for Nepal market. BYD’s state of art technology is creating a miracle globally based on which
we have already delivered 5 millionth new energy vehicle, and in the frontline of sales globally and I
am confident that we will replicate the same in Nepal”. Deliveries will begin post-NADA.

BYD Dolphin is available in the following colors
 Sand White
 Maldive Purple
 Coral Pink
 Urban Grey

Cimex Inc. has come a long way as the authorized distributor of BYD Auto Industry Co. Ltd
in Nepal. The company operates through three distinct branches, comprising a showroom,
corporate office and a workshop for after-sales services. With an extensive presence, Cimex
boasts a network of approximately nine dealers across Nepal, strategically covering vital
business hubs including Chitwan, Dhangadi, Butwal, Birtamode, Biratnagar, Pokhara,

Anamnagar, Nepalgunj, and a recently inaugurated showroom in Bhaktapur.Cimex Inc. Pvt
Ltd stands as a pioneering force in Nepal's dynamic automotive landscape, particularly in the
realm of electric mobility.


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