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4 hundreds 51 houses rebuilt in Gokha under People’s Housing Programme

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Gorkha, June 12

So far a total of 451 families in Gorkha district have got house of their own under the government’s Janata Awas Karyakram (People’s Housing Programme).

The Programme was implemented in Gorkha district since 2012/2013. Government would build cost-free modern housing for the marginalized poor families in the country under this scheme.

According to the Division Office, Gorkha chief Jhapat Bahadur Thapa, houses were built for the families from Kusunda, Chepang, Baram and Dalit communities. Initially only one house was built for the Kusunda family while 187 houses were built by 2016/17 while 263 houses were constructed in the last fiscal year.

Thirty seven houses would be built in the current fiscal year. Furthermore, he shared that agreement was made to build new 200 houses but the programme was launched very late in the district.

Similarly, selection process for the families for whom the houses will be built was also delayed due to the late introduction of the programe, shared Thapa.

The selected beneficiaries would receive Rs 332,500 in four installments to build such houses, according to Thapa. He said, "Process to build houses has been forwarded the beneficiaries have been selected on the priority basis and agreement was made for the same.”

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